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    Titanic: Honor and Glory

    Titanic Honor and Glory was trending on social media and reached over 70 million youtube views for its real-time sinking simulation. The game will feature the most accurate representation of the RMS Titanic while accompanied by Anthony’s original score.

    More info: Titanic Honor and Glory

    The Isle

    Anthony has been colaborating with The Isle developers over the years, capturing their sublime dinosaur world through orchestral and hybrid music.

    More info: STEAM


    Pavlov VR - Video Game (Meta Quest, PlayStation VR2)
    Occupy Mars - Video Game (PC)
    For The Hive - Video Game (PC, Xbox S, PS5, Switch)
    The Isle - Video Game (PC)
    Gatewalkers - Video Game (PC)
    Fractured Veil - Video Game (PC)
    Miscreated - Video Game (PC)
    Path of Titans - Video Game (Cross-Platform, Android, iOS)
    Bum Simulator - Video Game (PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch)
    Tidal Shock - Video Game (PC, PS5, Xbox X)
    Debris - Video Game (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
    Titanic Honor and Glory - Video Game (PC)
    Crimson Hills - Video Game (PC)
    Train Station Renovation Simulator - Video Game (PC)
    Car Trader Simulator - Video Game (PC)
    Trials Of Ascension - Video Game (PC)
    Lakeshore Reality TV - Film (Advert)
    Dead Sea - Video Game (PC)
    Livingdotcom - Film (Documentary)
    SportsMax TV - Film (Advert)
    La Quinta Inns & Suites - Film (Advert)
    Fight Monkey of Magic - Video Game (PC, Xbox 360)

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